Cult Etiquette PR – New Australian Heavy Music PR Team Announcement

Cult Etiquette is an all-new Australian PR team servicing the world of rock, punk, hardcore, metal and every sub-genre in-between. These are the guys you bring in to help your band form release strategies and engage with the media on your behalf when you want to release music, promote a tour, launch an album, release a video clip or anything else that’s worthy of talking about. If there’s something your band is doing that you want people to know about, then bringing in a PR team is a pretty smart move. They’ll help bring what you’re creating to the centre of focus and push your art throughout the media landscape from online publications to street press, radio, podcasts and more, helping to bring what you’re doing into peoples line of sight. 

Already working with some of the country’s top heavy acts such as King Parrot, Abramelin, Flaming Wrekage, CrisisAct and more, Cult Etiquette is also fronted by some of the scenes most relentless pushers of distortion. The team consists of Ryan Miller’ Milla’ (Black Rheno/ Housefox Studios), Glenn Dyson’ Dysie’ (Claim The Throne/ Soundworks Direct Touring) and Mariano Palomares ‘Nano’ (Black Rheno). Now firstly, when looking at Cult Etiquettes line up, you’d be forgiven for thinking this might actually be a new band announcement within itself, and that’s precisely the thing that makes this publicity team so unique. Individually the Cult Etiquette team have been pushing music, planning & booking tours, promoting bands, promoting shows and festivals both big and small while themselves also touring as musicians both nationally and internationally for many many years. So when such a team comes together to represent our heavy music community, something about it just feels right.

Let’s take a closer look at the guys involved. 

Ryan Miller. Milla’s known for being a notoriously energetic and ferocious frontman with his band Black Rheno, he’s been performing and touring in bands since the mid 2000s and continues to today. Behind the scenes, he’s been the catalyst for many musical endeavours from organising and promoting shows, venues, tours & festivals to recording and producing bands out of the recording facilities he started back in 2013 in Sydney’s north, Housefox Studios. He’s a guy that’s involved in it all, always seemingly ready to push the envelope and take things to the next level. 

Glenn Dyson. Dysie’s been a part of the Australian Music industry, specialising in the heavy music realm since the mid-’90s. From running record labels, rehearsal studios to running a merch & touring company. Dysie’s best known for his work with Soundworks Touring, a company he helped create in 2005 where he oversaw rolls in publicity, logistics, accounting & tour managing. Dysie continues to perform & tour with his own bands on a national & international level.

Mariano Palomares. Along with being the riff machine behind Black Rheno ‘Nano’s’ formally trained in Graphic Design and works with some of the biggest agencies in Oz and is the mastermind behind cult Etiquette’s sexy styles. Spanish born and raised, Nano’s lived and toured in bands throughout Europe before moving to Australia and brings with him not just a ton of creative capability, but a world of knowledge and experience when it comes to working with the touring artist.

Cult Etiquette is built from a crew that truly live and breathe the Australian music community in every way and it’s great to see them combining their knowledge and experiences to provide an array of heavy PR services. Working with a PR agency that’s formed from some of the scene’s very own means having a team that from a grass roots level knows just how much work goes into all of these endeavours from a bands perspective, which is an incredibly important thing.

‘From Milla’

“I’ve been running my recording studio (Housefox Studios) since 2013, and setting up a PR agency is something I had been planning for quite some time. It was always there in the back of my mind, especially over the last few years as I just love working on release strategies and putting together plans of attack when it comes to anything creative. In 2019 I started making the actual plans and putting the ideas into a format. When my band Black Rheno toured with EYEHATEGOD in late 2019, I caught up with Dysie who’s a massive part of Soundworks Direct Touring and was tour managing that run. Being buds we got talking about it all, I was keen to run all my ideas past him as he has a world of knowledge and experience in this realm and it’s always good to brainstorm with like-minded folk. It seemed pretty evident that we were both on par with how we felt about what should go into running an agency, the intricacies of working with the different media landscapes, how best to engage with artists and most importantly, how to treat them. I also really just felt we clicked on the reasons behind why we both work in the music industry and are so damn obsessed with doing so. We talked about creating an agency focusing on heavy music, from hard rock right through to all flavours of distortion, and how it has to be all about building a roster of artists that we truly dig. How it’s not about pumping the acts through just to get the numbers up. It’s about building relationships with artists we truly believe in so when we go out there to represent them; we do it with real passion, enthusiasm, and being stoked about doing it every day. After the tour finished, our chats continued, and it all just naturally made sense to join forces. Having Nano on the team was a must; he’s not only my best mate but also an incredibly talented graphic designer who also has a great understanding of marketing and branding which is super important for anything you’re pushing. Also, he’s lived and toured throughout Europe, which brings another set of experiences and perspectives of real value. All in all, I think we have a pretty solid team.”


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